Prints and Watercolors


Sidselean Snowflakes • Cathedrals of white spires • Circles of crystal • Dancing fa la la la la • Singing to you, love • Singing to you (Sven)

August Day


Come down to the surface • The surface reflects the light • Come down to the shallows • In contours • Out of the rivers Your sea pours • Wait for the water • To claim you • Your sea returning (Tamaryn)


Twin & Earth • Heset Shimmering • Diselt, Gunet, Silver Passage• Hu• Re• Mi• Echo Wreck...Crosswind Descending (Richard Thomas)

Criss Cross

Hush...When the clock is ticking backwards • When the cat is staring at you • When the princess is asleep • The tigers are off in China, and mermaids are riding seafoam waves • It’s the secret time of the night (Sven)


With the sun in your eyes• Always mistaking • The truth from the lies • In the love that you’re making • Don’t pretend it isn’t so... (Mark Burgess)


Amorphia glistening • Triennale and Dragon Nebula overarching • Pulse, you delicious Day-Star • Of Eden! (Sven)

Fall Earth

Skylarking • You’re fall-earth dark-ning • White Wing • Red Leaf • Both trail-marking (Sven)


Our days are drenched by hurricanes • Entering sideways in our minds with no warning • I am intrinsic, entropic, order, chaotic • Limited to this word that I just finished • Invisible lover, indivisible number • Only then will I remember • Remember with my lack of logic • Our days are drenched by hurricanes. (Vanessa Daou)



Lazy Calm

Lazy calm • Fluffy tufts • Whale’s tails • Oomingmak • Feet like fins • How to bring a blush to the snow... (Elizabeth Fraser)

Lotus Burst

Soundclouds strung on wire • Rococo, fluffy, blown a wish. • Lotus petal contemplates patchanga • The Starting catching the Ending (Sven)


Won’t you come wander this weird old world • With all it’s dark secrets and dreams (Steve Kilbey)

Shape Shifter

Honeysuckle, rose • Shape shifter, little suckling • Bloom in the fog of the body • And grow (Sven)


Cross the lonely parade • Your face turns away • And the people just look strange • Autumn’s coming in, autumn coming in... (Alasdair MacLean)

Summer Clouds

When it’s summer • And the skies are glass • I just have to make the evenings last • They’re always flying past... (Mark Burgess)